Here occupied the space at Method Gallery, Seattle during the early months of 2018. Here immersively culminated a four-years-long drawing collaboration between myself and the artist Jeremy Wineberg.  

We began the work together in Madison, Wisconsin, creating a visual dialogue on the pages within a book handmade by him.  While I lived in Madsion, we exchanged the book every six weeks or so; after I relocated to Seattle, the exchange took a little longer, yet continued.The parameters of the book and our drawing language were simple: black, white and silver ink, gesso allowed, silver point but no graphite, any page material physically removed by tearing or cutting had to be collaged in somewhere else. 

The word 'here' is actually the only written word in the entire book.

We focused our work on drawing for the love of drawing, freedom without too many rules, the kind of play that allows for games and discovery, that became a great part of the visual play. It reminded us who we were as kids and who our kids remind us of being. Naturally, the installation  took on a life of play and imaginary universes. One veiwer said that being inside of the space we created was like finding themselves miniaturized and inside of a story book. 

The parameters of  the installation mimicked the book. To maintain those we used ink, adhesive vinyl, cardboard, gator board, white conte crayon, and other relevant mixed materials.

The title, here, came to mean so many things. Because we worked on the installation pieces and continued collaborating miles apart, 'here' became metaphorical and the idea of what here is transcended.