Reminders of memories...2017

As an artist who primarily works in abstraction, generally from an interior space, these new works from the series "Reminders of Memories that I Don't Have" mark a departure and an exceptional approach for Getty:  examining narrative paintings through an abstract lens. The chosen narrative is the American scene as depicted by artists such as Reginald Marsh, Howard Heath, and Thomas Hart Benton, working with the New Deal for the Arts or Works Project Administration.  Getty has approached this project in two distinct ways.  In some instances, she has distilled the work so that barely a trace of the original narrative is evident and uses the remnants as a point of departure. In other pieces, she has allowed more direct references to the original work remain, allowing a clearer yet still veiled glimpse into the past. Through the process of large brush marks from industrial tools intermingled with fine lines in silver point, Getty joins the past with the present, making connections to her own memories that are triggered by the process, successfully absorbing the old work into an abstract narrative that is new.