Pink Flight Suit

Pink Flight Suit is a group of seven 9’ x 9’ functional panel kites. It has been exhibited as an installation at Kipp Gallery, University of Indiana Pennsylvania and at Thomas Masters Gallery, Chicago. Sections of it have also been installed outdoors at the 2015 Gigantic Bicycle Festival, Snoqualmie  and flown at Gasworks Park in Seattle, Washingtion.

I have no memory of ever flying a kite before I became inspired to make these. Initially, I made them as panels for a theatrical backdrop. Because of their size, my assistants and I tried to paint them outside. The wind just lifted them up… since that time, I have wanted to see them as kites; they seemed to want to fly. 

The title came from triggered memory and feeling. When I flew the prototype, in these test flights with the help of Chele Isaac, I felt like such an exuberant child: once again, I was visiting my dad at the Alert Facilities at Anderson Air Force Base on Guam, running around silly, eight years old and wearing my pink flight suit.